Staging Facts, Questions, & Answers...

What is Home Staging?

The art of preparing a home to show at its best in today's competitive real estate marketStaging improves a property's aesthetics to appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. 

What are the benefits of Home Staging?

  • Staging a home has been statistically shown to increase the sales price, while decreasing the amount of time it remains on the market.
  • A home which has been staged is more appealing to buyers, thus bringing in more offers.
  • A staged home will bring in a higher appraisal.
  • A staged home will look better in printBuyers are taking advantage of today's virtual technology and will search & eliminate homes prior to viewing them in person.
  • A buyer will see a staged home as well cared for and in "move-in" condition.
  • A staged home will actually attract more realtors/brokers for showings. They know a staged home shows well and will increase their chances for a sale.

What is the cost of Home Staging?

Actually, the better question here is "What is the cost of NOT staging?" Homes which have not been prepared to sell will often sit on the market longer, and generally bring in lower offers.  This can be a very stressful, costly, and time consuming process for sellers as their property is passed up for one which shows better.  What routinely happens is sellers will make the decision to do price reductions, in hope that it will sell the home.  Unfortunately sellers don't realize that "the cost of home staging is a fraction of the cost of your first price reduction".

A Home Staging Consultation will better help determine any costs.  Sold By Design will help to identify the positive features of the home, as well as areas in need for enhancement.  We will also design a staging plan specifically to fit the individual home.  We take into consideration the home's location, size, condition, and architectural features.

From the recommendations, seller's can choose which path to take in preparing the home to show at its best, which further impacts the cost of staging:

    • DIY Approach: (do it yourself staging): The seller decides to implement the changes themselves, and Sold By Design simply provides a to-do list.
    • Team Approach: The seller decides they want to work along side of Sold By Design in implementing the changes.
    • Expert Approach: The seller decides they want Sold By Design to use their expertise in carrying out all aspects of the project.

For every $1 spent towards staging your home, you will see a $2-$3 return on that investment!

Did you also know that Staging can be used as a tax deduction!

Won't a vacant home appear larger to buyers than one that is full of furnishings?

This is a common misconception. Furnishings will actually help a room appear larger and more spacious.

The following chart displays some of the disadvantages to selling a vacant home.



Only 10% of buyers have the ability to visualize furniture placement.

Rooms are well defined.  Buyers can better visualize their own belongings in the home.

 Rooms appear smaller.

Creates visual spaciousness.  Buyers can envision how to maximize the square footage in the home.  Very important for awkward floor plans.

 Flaws are more apparent.

Accentuates the positive features in the home and downplays/camouflages the negatives.

 Buyers spend less time viewing the home.

Buyers will spend more time in each room, thus getting a better feel for the home.

 Visually stark; Feels empty & deserted.

 Visually appealing; Feels warm, comfortable, livable & inviting.  Buying a home is an emotional decision!

How can you stage a home if the sellers are living in it?

Sold By Design can work with the seller's existing furnishings to redesign rooms for optimum appeal. Proper furniture placement is key to every room's success. We will pay close attention to proper balance, function, and scale. In addition, we will use accessories or "props" to draw a buyer's eye towards the positive features you want to highlight in the home.  At times, it may be necessary to bring in additional furniture and staging props to properly showcase the home at its best.

Other important aspects we pay particular attention to in occupied homes are: ensuring the home is de-cluttered, organized, and de-personalized. As a seller, the way you live in your home is completely different in the way you would sell that home. We will assist you in looking through a buyer's eye, and only displaying what's important in order for a buyer to make a decision to purchase the home.

What do you mean by "risky" paint colors?

Bold and brightly colored walls are considered risky because they limit your pool of potential buyers.  You may have one potential buyer who likes your chartreuse living room walls, but you will also have 50 who won't.  Risky colors detract from the positive features of a home.

When selling, you want to use paint colors that are neutral and warm.  A neutral color palette will appeal to more buyers and they will view the home as "move-in ready".

It's important to pay particular attention to the home's exterior paint color as well.  You want to choose colors which blend in well with the neighborhood, and with the population you are marketing your home to.

Is it necessary to spend a lot of money on updating my kitchen and bathrooms if I'm selling the house?

Buyers do look for updated kitchens and bathrooms, and it has been known to either make or break a sale.  However, there are many "facelifts" that a homeowner can do to give kitchens and bathrooms an updated look, without the high price tag of a complete remodel.  Some examples are: painting cabinetry, replacing hardware, replacing countertops, and changing light fixtures.

An important thing to consider is buyers tend to be poor judges of the cost of repairs/updates.  They will always build in a large margin of error in any offer they would consider making, and immediately start deducting away from the list price of the home. Some may go ahead and give a "low ball" offer, but most feel overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done and move onto a "move-in ready" property.

There are many low cost improvements that can be made to the home that will reap BIG rewards when selling!

Isn't my home just fine the way it is?  It's been good enough for me; it should be good enough for a buyer.

Your home may very well be beautiful and have suited your needs perfectly. However, it may not be suitable to meet the needs or appeal to every potential buyer.

One of Sold By Design's initial steps is to help the homeowner think of their home as a house. When a home is put on the market, it is given a price tag and assigned an MLS number. It becomes a house, a product to be sold. The goal of Sold By Design is to take that product and market it to appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. Because of our expertise in being able to look through buyer's eyes, we work with the homeowner to present an image that most buyers are looking for in a home.

When selling...Image IS Everything!