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Real Estate Home Staging Services

STAGING CONSULTATIONS                                                                    
Sold By Design will visit the home to complete a thorough walk-through evaluation.  We start by evaluating the home's curb appeal, and then complete a room by room analysis of the home's strengths and weaknesses.  This process can take from 1-3 hours, depending on the size and condition of the home.

From this evaluation, we will discuss recommendations for preparing the home to show at its best.  We will address areas in need of repair or special attention, as well as a designed plan for Staging the home to sell!

Sold By Design offers a wide range of services for staging a home to sell.  Depending on your needs, you can choose to utilize as much of our services as necessary. 

We stage vacant homes, occupied homes, model homes, and builder spec homes.  We have a large inventory of furniture, accessories, lighting, and decor to suit your needs.  In additon, we work closely with furniture rental companies to provide necessary inventory as needed.

We routinely get questions regarding costs of staging.  Until we view the property in person, we are unable to provide a quote for staging services.  Each property is unique in its own way and we take into consideration the location, size, condition, and architectural features of the home when designing a staging plan.  We would be doing you a disservice by giving you a quote without first viewing the property.

Sold By Design can assist with every aspect of creating good curb appeal.  From minor enhancements to complete landscape makeovers.

Sold By Design works with the homeowner to remove excess clutter and ensure the home appears organized throughout; including closets and cabinets (yes, buyers do look).

De-personalizing the home is imperative when selling.  We will assist the homeowner with removing items such as knick knacks, collectibles, and family portraits.  These items can be distracting for buyers viewing the home.  Buyers don't want to see personal items on display, they want to see the home's best features. 

Other aspects of de-personalizing may include neutralizing "risky" paint colors or "themed" decorating.

Sold By Design can assist with both interior & exterior painting.

Sold By Design offers photography of our staged homes, which can be utilized for impactful online and print marketing purposes. 

Sold By Design also offers real estate photography services for anyone wishing to enhance their property's listing.  Whether you're a homeowner, realtor, investor, or builder...we can assist you in capturing your property's key selling features.

Sold By Design is happy to announce that we now offer virtual tours.  This enhanced service is getting great reviews, and making a huge impact in marketing homes for sale.

To learn more, please visit our Real Estate Photography & Virtual Tour services page

 According to a survey of buyers & sellers by the National Association of Realtors80% of people across the country who bought a new home last year used the internet while house hunting, and rated photographs as the most useful tool in their search.. "Making Every Pixel Count"; published in The New York Times, February 11, 2007

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Interior Redesign Services

Sold By Design will spend time with you assessing your home's existing colors, furniture layout, decor style, etc.  
We will then provide recommendations for giving your home a stylish facelift.

Using Sold By Design's expertise, we will provide the service of giving your home a stylish facelift. 

By utilizing the homeowner's existing furnishings, decor, & accessories...we will redesign the room for optimum appeal.  The newly created space will have proper balance, flow, function, and scale. 

 Sold By Design can provide assistance in shopping for the perfect pieces to complete your newly designed spaceFurniture, art, bedding, accessories, lamps,..You name it!

Ready to move into your new home? Are you wondering where & how your existing furniture will fit into the new floor plan?

Sold By Design can assist you in making the transition and getting comfortably settled into your new home.  We'll assist you in arranging rooms with correct furniture placement; to accentuating focal points in the room; to assisting you in placing your artwork, accessories & decor items throughout the home.

Remodeling projects can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to choosing colors; materials; fixtures; lighting; etc.  Sold By Design can consult with you in making these decisions and alleviating some of that stress.  We can additionally provide assistance in helping you choose the right materials for the job.