Real Estate Photography & Virtual Tours

Are you aware that  84% of buyers are previewing available homes on-line prior to viewing them in person?  This on-line shopping has become a process of elimination for weeding through the number of available homes for sale in today's real estate market.

Your home's on-line listing is essentially a Virtual Open House. It's imperative to highlight the key selling features of the home and immediately grab a buyer's attention. The images you present with your listing need to generate positive interest and allure buyers into wanting to view the home in person.

You have one chance to make a good first impression, which could mean the difference between a potential sale or a missed opportunity!

Some of the benefits to including a virtual tour with your home's listing:

  • Enables you to gain the maximum exposure for your home's listing
  • Opportunity to reach out of state buyers who are looking to relocate
  • Buyers are able to view your home's listing at their convenience- 24/7
  • As a seller, you're more than likely to only receive calls from serious buyers
  • Ability to provide enhanced details about your home's key selling features
  • Virtual tours help evoke more emotion than traditional still photos. Remember..buyers purchase a home based on emotions!

Virtual Tours get 4more hits than listings with still photos and 20 X more hits than listings with no pictures at all.

Sold By Design can assist you in ensuring your home stands out from the competition both on-line AND in person. Our Real Estate Photography & Virtual Tour services are available to meet your needs.

Photography:  Sold By Design will photograph the property and capture the key selling features of the home.  Our high resolution digital photographs can be utilized for both on-line & print marketing purposes

Virtual Tours:  Sold By Design will photograph the property and create a virtual tour.  Our virtual tours are unique in that they capture the true sense of the property, rather than giving a buyer a distorted view of the space.  Some other unique features of our tours include:

  • Descriptive text accompanying the key selling features of the home 
  • Carefully chosen background music, which evokes an emotional connection to the home
  • Virtual locator map
  • Link for local school information
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Floor plan
  • Additional tour link (*good for neighborhood tours) 
  • Property & Community Amenities
  • Up to 20 additional photos with descriptive text

With the virtual tours, Sold By Design additionally provides the following added services:

  • Hosting the tour
  • Directly linking the tour to MLS &
  • Providing tracking data for tour viewings
  • Custom flyer & submission to several Real Estate search engine sites

Neighborhood/Community Virtual Tours:  Sold By Design also provides the service of doing neighborhood or community virtual tours.  These tours can be directly linked to a home's listing to give a potential buyer more information about the neighborhood and/or area attractions.  A great idea for reaching out of state buyers who are looking to relocate! 

With the internet becoming such a critical marketing tool, do not underestimate the value of having great looking images.  Your on-line listing will be the first impression a buyer will get of your home.....make it a lasting one!!